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Hello, may I introduce myself to you?
My Spiritual Name is Kṛṣṇānanda. It consists of: Kṛṣṇa, and: ananda. Kṛṣṇa is God's Personal Name; ananda means: blissfullness. If we bring these two together, my Spiritual Name means: God's blissfullness.
I was baptised during the nightly hours of mid 1999 by my Spiritual Master: His Divine Grace Śrī Śrīmad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda. Next morning I received this Spiritual Name when I called my friend: Jon van Ommen Kloeke, to tell him my beautiful dream. That same night he received my Spiritual Name from the Masters and whithin our talk he gave it to me.
Kṛṣṇānanda is the Owner of the © copyrights to his given Name, which is: Dirk; belonging to the family: Van den Engel. The meaning of these Names are: Dirk = strength; Engel = malak (Aramaic) = Power. So translated into English my © copyrighted Names mean: Strength from the Power. Power is depicted by a Tower, Migdal in Hebrew language. This word is related to the place Magdala in Galilee which is situated on the lakeside. There are no coincidences in this universe, nor is it reigned whimsically: I am a descendant of our matriarch Mary Magdalene, the Migdal-Eder, the Watchtower over the Herd, fortress of the daughter of Zion, to whom the rule of before, the kingship of the daughter of Jerusalem had come in accordance with the prophecy in Micah 4: 8.
Therefore all my Names are Spiritual.

My father is called Jillus van den Engel; my mother is named Elisabeth Goudriaan. I chose to take birth with these parents because my father was righteous in his attitude, because both parents did birth me in Love, as they did my twin sisters, Jannie and Sija, and my brother, Bas, and because they (had) taught me about God. Therefore I made my free choice early in my youth: “Lord, I want to serve you nicely with whatever, where, when, why, with what, with whom and how you desire from me.” For I did Love God from the beginning. There is nothing more beautiful in this world than to serve Krishna God with all my heart, soul, body and mind (Matthew 22: 37). For when soul, body and mind serve Krishna (or Christ) in Love, God becomes flesh! (John 1: 14). In this way it is possible for every person to develop Divine Properties, through which the Paradise of Devoting Service exhibits on earth automatically. To develop my Divine Properties, out of grace, I was able to experience many things, all in the honour and glory of my Heavenly Father, Krishna, and his Love Potency, Mother Harā, called together in Sanskrit language: Rādhā – Krishna. Therefore in fact a Mother – Father God does exist! For this reason it is not at all strange to call God: “It”! For “It” (in fact The Most High) is not merely a "he" or "she", but rather the Origin of the both: actually being the most Perfect and Complete Unity from which all female and male forms in the material existance do stem, as the ultimate expression of "Its" Omnipotence and All-embracing Love. Some of the ex colleagues of mine within the office of Bouw- en Woningtoezicht Rotterdam called me: “It”. Surely this confirms of a great IN-sight.

In my childhood I lived in a dyke house in Hoogvliet, at that time a village community of the city of Rotterdam, in 257 Dorpsstraat. My parents met during World War II within the office of distribution. My twin sisters: Jannie and Sija, were born in 1951, I was born on the twelfth of June, 1955, and my brother Bas was born in 1959. Already in my childhood I did not need much to be happy. I remember me being a child of five years old to move to and fro on the beat of the beautiful music of the sixties with a single car in my hand. This could last for a long time. Soon I loved making people happy. If I saw a happy man, I was very happy myself. All youth of the Dorpsstraat, from young to old, played games like hide and seek together. As older one amongst the youth, I liked it to play in the sand ditch with much younger kids. When it was rainy, games were played inside, also within our family. All in all my childhood was merry and cosy.

At a later age, on Queens day I gave my hands to the organization of children's games in our Dorpsstraat.

I finished elementary school (with the Bible) without too many problems. I was - and yet am still - weak in maths, especially without paper and machine: head work. It took me a long time to finish my home work in the higher classes. Therefore it occurred occasionally that I did not feel the need to learn because I wanted to play, and I remember myself looking up things secretly during French lessons in the sixth class. This teacher, managing director of the elementary school, came to complain about that with my father. Because of the fact my father wanted me to be a good pupil, from that moment on I did my home work neat and nicely again like a good pupil.

At the secondary school, in my case MULO, also a school with the Bible, I experienced more problems with my home work. Often I learned into the night and sometimes even longer. Sometimes I could not finish my home work completely. Often I came home with a six, or even with a five or four, and sometimes with a seven or even with an eight. When I was in the second class of this school, my father died on the seventeenth of March, 1970, at the age of 53 years old. At that time I was 14 years old, going on 15 on the twelfth of June that year. I remember that I saw his soul with his Param-ātmā (= Holy Spirit; those two are always together wherever they go!) leave his body. She had a pure crystal clear white, vertical straight form. When she left his body, she went through the ceiling out of my sight. This knowledge is why I could never mourn on my father's departure. So, I was a moderate pupil at this MULO school with the Bible. The same pattern went through at the HAVO, which was a public school at some higher level. I doubled the fourth class of this school. Before I graduated with a re-examination for the subject Geography, I already had a job with an insurance company in Rotterdam city. That was in July 1974.

Per the first of October, 1975, I became an employee at the office of Bouw- en Woningtoezicht Rotterdam. There I learned the juridical things about building and housing eventually throughout the years. In the evenings I studied and in this way I lifted myself in all aspects of building and housing. In the same period, I also did some private studies, amongst others percussion. One nice performance was video taped: the percussion group in which I took part, escorted a dance program musically. That program was entitled: “All Wetness”. On this occasion, I played the paunches. It occurred to me that these evening studies were much easier for me to do than those at the secondary school. In the period that I was an administrative – juridical employee with the office of Bouw- en Woningtoezicht Rotterdam, I was a member of trade union CFO (today called CNV Public Affairs), in which I did a few jobs. As a representative of this organ, I was a secretary of the office board of Bouw- en Woningtoezicht Rotterdam, that in the same time had to change into a part of a Service Structure: Planning and Housing. At that time, ending of the eighties – beginning of the nineties, the part of Bouw- en Woningtoezicht Rotterdam as well as the whole of this service structure itself was reorganized. The whole of this service structure was reorganized in dS+V: dienst Stedenbouw en Volkshuisvesting (= service of Planning and Housing). To me this was a difficult period in which I got stressed for the first time. In the year 1991 I took the decision to look for another job via outplacement in the event of the reorganizations.

In May 1992, I was detached with the village community of Rijnwoude as a juridical – administrative employee at the office of Building and Housing. Per the first of January, 1994, I was a permanent employee with this community with a broader task: from that date on, I had to do the whole of the juridical spectrum of this job, also in the event of an appellation against a decision of the board of our village. What a nice job to do! However, there was not a good description of my job, and apparently it did not come up to write one. Therefore again I started to turn “warm” eventually. Despite of the fact that I asked within and without functioning talks for a job description, it lasted till the year 1996 that my sector head started to write one. In the midst of the year 1997 I got stressed for the second time. Therefore this sector head stopped his writing of my job description. When I tried to work easily in the afternoons, it occurred to me that I had great difficulties in starting in the morning hours. There was no progression in this. Then I thought after a conversation with the company doctor to do well when I tried to work for whole days again. This seemed to become a burden for myself, as well as for my colleagues at the office. These colleagues started to complain about me and I myself often sought a way out at the toilet. In December 1997 I said in an interview with my sector head that, as my job description was not written, I was just to work for the office and that I did not do any juridical procedures any more. This sector head could not possibly do otherwise than to agree with what I said. However, it was all too late: on the third of March, 1998, I made the announcement by telephone and said that I was ill. Since then I did not do any work in our economy any more. On the first of September, 2001, the village community disposed of me with honour.

Besides the fact that I was sick by stress for the third time, a particular doctor in England found me ill with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) in November 2001. I suffered from this sensitivity amongst others by poisoned air. This illness accelerated very slowly from an apparently innocent cold till the complaints from which I suffer today. It does seem to me that the complaints are getting more and more. Many complaints I was suffering from on the account of my stress resemble those of this MCS illness!

At the end of the year 1995, I met my very good friend Lex van den Akker. At that time he worked via a technical bureau with the office of Building and Housing in the village community of Rijnwoude for half a year. In 1996 he spoke to me about the vedic scriptures that Śrīla Prabhupāda made available for the western world. These scriptures can be bought from the Amsterdam temple of ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) in Holland. Via my friend Lex I bought from these scriptures: the Bhagavad-gītā as it is, the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (canto’s 1 till 5; there are twelve of them now), the book Nectar of Devotion, which book is based on the vedic literature and the Krishna Book, that gives us the complete summary of the famous tenth canto of the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. (Further my friend Jon van Ommen Kloeke was able to buy other works from the hand of Śrīla Prabhupāda at the Recycle shop for our Archaeosophical Studycenter, our library.) My friend Lex also convinced me of the fact that a human being should live like a vegetarian by nature. From the moment I was convinced of this onwards, I was living like a vegetarian. In the year 1996 I entered the Amsterdam temple of ISKCON for the first time. That year, I took also part in the celebration of the spiritual festival at Rādhādesh, the ISKCON – temple at the Belgium Ardennes. In the year 1997, I gave my hands to the organization and carrying out of Ratha–yātrā, a feast for the glory of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Śrī Krishna.

In February 1998 together with a friend of mine, I founded our Foundation Trinity. So when I was ill from the third of March 1998 onwards, there was no need for me to sit behind the geraniums: our spiritual and social work was to be continued. This work helped me through. Later that year, some time after my birth day, that friend left our foundation and my friend Jon van Ommen Kloeke took over from him.

At the end of 1999, I cut the bond with the Dutch Reformed church and at the end of 2000, I cut the bond with ISKCON. The Dutch Reformed church could not convince me of her truth any longer; the bond with ISKCON was cut after that I was able to look a Swami very deep in his eyes: he was enjoying very much that he had “5,000 disciples”. They all acted according to his whims.

In September 2001 together with my friend Jon, I founded a church, called “Vrede Zij Met U!” (= Peace Be With You!). Soon after that I came in touch with Brother De Paauw, elder in the community of Yehovah's Witnesses in the town of Alphen aan den Rijn. I discussed much with him and these conversations lead into a study of the Bible together. After my removal to the town of Zutphen, this study of the Bible was continued by Brother Van den Berg, elder of Yehovah’s Witnesses in the town of Zutphen. There are many resemblances between the Witnesses of Yehovah and the ISKCON – movement as it functions nowadays:

  1. Christians are advised to deal with true Christians; devotees are advised to be in the company of Pure Devotees.
  2. Christians are encouraged to preach and thus to deliver spiritual food at the house doors; devotees are in the streets as well to distribute spiritual food. A few times in the week prasāda (= offered food to Krishna) is also served with that.
  3. Christians are advised to visit Christian meetings as much as possible; devotees are encouraged to visit temple services as much as possible.
  4. After the death and the departure of Yahuwshua-ha-Masshiach, or Jesus the Messiah, decay has been occurred within the Christian religion as a whole and with that also within the community of Yehovah’s Witnesses because in fact, they base their tuition on the same Bible as that of the so called Christianity. This Bible has not been worked upon very consciously, nor explained in a complete conscious way; after the death and the departure of Śrīla Prabhupāda, decay has been occurred within ISKCON too. Not only svamīs enjoy their (many) disciples, but also I compared the new release of the Bhagavad-gītā as it is with that of the original release. Although the texts do still resemble each other, this new release is lacking of many illustrations. Śrīla Prabhupāda would not have been very pleased with that, as is stated in his introduction on page xv of the Bhagavad-gītā as it is.
  5. Yahuwshua-ha-Masshiach was killed because of the fact that he preached the truth; Śrīla Prabhupāda was killed because of the fact that he preached the truth too; both of them decreased the “power of the tribe of Jude”! – “In Jude's hands the sceptre will remain, in between his feet the staff of reign, until he who is entitled to it comes to claim it. He will be served by all peoples.” (Genesis 49: 10).
  6. Therefore both movements are mislead by their governing bodies that are obedient to the “power of the tribe of Jude”.
  7. For that reason both movements are convinced of their own judgement.
  8. (These two last mentioned categories are also true for other movements, for in what movement the tribe of Jude does not have a representative? I did not met that movement yet.)

For that reason in December 2002, as only governing Elder of our church I founded a “political party” called: Lijst Vrede Zij Met U! (= List Peace Be With You!). This party was a political movement in which every member himself was responsible for his own individual political choices: there was no party program, other than ASHA, and members of political bodies had to vote without oral or written commitment. However, they were entitled to ask for advise from the political Elders within a church community, but in the end they themselves were responsible for their choices and deeds. This political movement was meant as a tool to gain self consciousness, and to resound this state of consciousness in state matters by more and more conscious people.

On the sixteenth of May, 2010, we decided to de-found our church and its political movement because of the fact that at that date the overlapping period from the Fishes era to the age of Aquarius was over. The de-founding had been effected on the thirtieth of June, 2010. In this age of Aquarius we do not need to be tied up in the tightness of rules of law any longer: we are truly free! Therefore our being and purpose have been changed completely. Now there is our Universal Peace Movement: Community of Peace, further called: the Peace Movement. This movement is not a personality of law in any way. This Peace Movement is the following up of our Church "Vrede Zij Met U!", without any statutes. The purpose of our Peace Movement is “to prepare Earthly Paradise of DEVELOPMENT, of Love and understanding, of Peace, Love, Harmony according to Revelation 20: 1 - 6, which is predicted by Rādhā-Krishna, our Mother-Father God Who IN-carnated as Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu some 500 years ago, as Lord Caitanya said that during a period of 10,000 years starting from his appearance day Krishna consciousness will increase, so that one day in all cities and all villages around the whole world Krishna's Names will be glorified. To fulfill these prophecies our mission is to awaken and enlarge Krishna Prema (= Love of God) that slumbers in the hearts of every thinking being in this Earthly Paradise. For that reason the topmost important fact is that thinking beings develop their own consciousness so that the lion is able to lay himself down beside the lamb again. The development of self consciousness is tightly connected with the development of Krishna or God consciousness.” The Peace Movement lives and works under the motto: “We are all One, and there is only One of us.” From this philosophy can be concluded that all living beings on this earth are embraced in this uncial Peace Movement by birth. Therefore all living beings, called brothers and sisters, are equally entitled to the protection of their lives and of their surroundings. For this reason I had become a member of the Party for the Animals, which party comes up for animals, nature and environment and gives those that have no voice a voice in the Houses of Parliament and in other political organs.

In the mean time, my mother left this earth a week before her birthday on the twenty sixth of April, 2005, at age 81. She died of cancer on that particular Tuesday. A day later, one of my twin sisters visited a doctor. He concluded that she had a form of cancer too, so she had to be operated upon. Further my health diminished in Zutphen by poisoned air, so my other sister and my brother-in-law decided to act to move me to the village where they live, not far from the sea side in Zwartewaal. So they bought a caravan for me and did put it on a year round camping at Zwartewaal. This camping is also a harbour for yachts. This caravan was placed right in front of that harbour. I have a marvellous view! I removed in March, 2006, to their home address and in May of that year I was able to live in their caravan, because everything was ready: the wooden terrace and the fence were finished.

What do you think poisoned air does to a body! In the year 2002, I removed to Zutphen after my resignation in September, 2001, because of the fact that the air in our village of Hazerswoude-Rijndijk was polluted more and more. At that time the air in the town of Zutphen was still reasonable, at times even fresh. Slowly the air got worse and worse. Then, on the nineteenth of April, 2005, my mother died of

cancer, and on the following day one of my twin sisters seemed to have a form of cancer (melanoma) too. My mother lived in Hoogvliet, “under the smoke” of the industry of Rijnmond, Rotterdam. My sister lived in Heenvliet, which is also situated “under the smoke” of Rijnmond, Rotterdam. My sister died of cancer exactly two weeks before their birthday on the sixth of November, 2007. Now, Zwartewaal is also situated “under the smoke” of Rijnmond, but the situation is slightly different, closer to the sea side. As the winds come more from a south-west – westerly direction, in the beginning I did not have many complaints there. My situation was quite stable for a few years: it did not get any worse and it did not get any better. I was enjoying my walking, my cycling and my canoeing, the last most of the time on the waters of the Bernisse, a natural resort (which in fact contains cooling water for the industry of that same Rijnmond, the Port of Rotterdam).

Slowly, the air from the south-west and west also was containing more and more pollution. Nowadays, when the wind is most eastward (Pernis / Botlek), most south-eastward (Antwerp), south-westward (London?) most westward (Maasvlakte? and further away) and also north-westward (Europoort), the air is polluted very much. Also so called chemtrails are being spread out over our heads. These chemtrails also pollute our air very much. Clouds are getting dirt grey as the particles spread out are mixing with the water in these clouds. Therefore I get more and more complaints again, and the complaints themselves are more severe. My last three complaints are: pricking or itching eyes, vitamin shortage of B12, caused by lacking of oxygen in my stomach, and stare in my eyes. When I had to get out for the toilet two times this past night, I suffered from prostate problems. When I woke up in the morning, I had great difficulty again in rising up, just like it was in the village of Hazerswoude-Rijndijk. At this moment I am working on this piece with a headache! Almost it does not matter any more where the wind comes from: I do have complaints, more or less.

This society we live in rather wants to deliver more deaths and sick people from the poisoning of our air than to conclude that those deaths and sick people are caused by this poisoning of the air. Still our society dares to complain about the high costs of our health care. Still our society dares to complain about the many sick people that get an etiquette and that draw their money from our laws.

To conclude this paragraph of my sickness and deaths in my family: my brother died of a familial heart disease at the age of 50 on the eleventh of March, 2009, just three days after his reaching the fiftieth birthday on the eighth of March that year. As my father died of this kind of heart disease, this same disease had been diagnosed by the visiting doctor. But I do not believe much in the familial part of his heart disease: he also suffered from a poll allergy. So, he could also have been suffering from MCS like me! This had never been studied, because in Holland one may be sick, but one may not suffer from MCS. This illness is hard to diagnose over here! Therefore I do believe, and I even dare to state here that my brother's heart disease was also caused by the poisoning of the air. For my brother's body had a spiritual base, and once an illness comes into the base of a body, in this case into the heart of my brother's body, it is deadly. Our modern scientists do not know this science of ancient days (6,900 years B.C.) and they do not even want this knowledge! For they derive their money from their economy and for that reason they do not want to destroy it in any way. Truth can be hard: our society and her economy is daily killing a great many people. This is my experience.

Along this peculiar way I developed myself. After that I fell ill and had to draw my income from the Statelaw, I took up some learning and working experience to become a Universal Preacher / Ācārya (= someone who teaches by example). I studied and did jobs for free with Reformed communities, I studied with the International Biogenic Society, I studied and did jobs for free with ISKCON, I studied with Mazdaznan and with the Universal White Brotherhood, I studied and did jobs for free with Yehovah's Witnesses. I feel at home with the Bible and with the Bhagavad-gītā and I did read some of the Koran, which did not give me a good overall feeling, so I stopped reading it. This so called "official" Koran is not a correct teaching! I wonder what the original Koran contains, if it still exists! At last I studied and did a job for free with the town community of Zutphen in the case of long term policy in cooperating with natural forces and using their power. Between the years 2002 and 2006 when I lived in Zutphen, I laid contact with drugs / alcohol addictives who trusted me, and with an asylum seeker and his family, asking for help. I could help this family by donating a new washing machine when it was clear that the local social service did not have any possibilities to help this family out. Further I helped the asylum seeker by some teaching of our Dutch language. Since Christmas eve of the year 2003 at seven o'clock PM exactly, I have officially been appointed to follow up His Devine Grace Śrī Śrīmad A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda who is my Spiritual Master in the Disciplic Succession of the Supreme Personality of Godhead himself. Besides the tasks I do at this moment, I was also responsible for warning the Houses of Parliament and other societies, communities and people for the things to come as it is written in the Bible, amongst others the decay of our economy with the underlaid financial system. After my removal to Zwartewaal, on request I spoke Our Lord's Prayer with someone, I did help to heal a person and I gave the Mahā-mantra (Hare Krishna Mantra) to young persons.

Since the eleventh of November, 2011, I am a Universal Preacher / Ācārya. As number 33 – which is the highest Master degree – in the line of our Disciplic Succession, I am responsible for:

  1. the sakīrtana-offer: the spreading and chanting of the holy Names of God, the Hare Krishna or Mahā-mantra with the underlying philosophy, in which is enclosed Jesus' Teachings in the Way of Love from his The Book of Love;
  2. the announciation of the come back of Jesus accompanied by the civilizations.

Since the fourth of April 2013, I am the possessor of the © copyrights to my given Name: Dirk; belonging to the family: Van den Engel, by claiming my Names from the local authorities. Therefore the only Law that is applicable to anyone and therefore also to me is the Law of nature, set by God. So now I am only to obey the friendly requests of God, Who is my dearmost Friend. Because of this in that same year I left the Trade Union, CNV Public Affairs, and the Party for the Animals in order to concentrate me in full on my duties that I received from God, and which are stated in the Bible as part of Vedic Literature.

At this moment I study Archaeosophy, a new science which is introduced by my spiritual friend and author of the book with the same title: Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Székely. Archaeosophy is comparing philosophy with archaeology to be able to place the result in a particular time. Amongst others I am committed to the writing of The BIBLE as it is with, where necessary, the meaning of the verses. I do this job in an Archaeosophical way, in which I compare the Bible texts with archaeology to be able to place these texts in a certain period. This work is very interesting. In this way I am able to place the great water flood and Abraham in their correct periods of time. In this way I know that Cain en Abel cannot be sons of Adam and Eve, and that Seth as the son of Adam who came from the civilization of Hoova had fled after the pole shift, in which Adam and Eve did die – exactly as it is foretold in the Bible (Genesis 2: 17). According to the Bible Seth and his colleague Hoovids came into the land at the eastern side of Eden as refugees! (compare this with Genesis 4: 16). On the basis of this study I am able to correct the Bible to make it more interesting, clear and understandable. Besides that, I do not hesitate to read older works to describe the meanings of the verses, amongst which the recently called Bhagavad-gītā as it is, which work is written by my Spiritual Master, Śrīla Prabhupāda. The writing of The BIBLE as it is, will still take me a long time, but much work has already been done! Through my Archaeosophical study into the peoples and their cultures of the past and by witnessing thereof, and also by spreading and chanting of the holy Names of Krishna or Christ, our God, I try to give back their Joy of Life, their Peace, their Love for each other and for every living being and their Harmony with everything and all around them to the people of today. This is an ambitious task which I did receive. It also is a task that needs much patience, exhaustion and above all the power to go on with this work. With that all I need to conform to the Own Free Will of people to choose.

People are deriving much often and more and more from the laws of life and the consequence thereof is: great fear. This fear makes them combating against, but also for everything and more. Some people are even fighting a religious battle or are fighting for peace. However, they do not know that they do not need to fight a religious battle, because God does not expect that from them at all. And it even is God-impossible to fight for peace, because the fighting is the opposite of Peace. In stead of fighting it is better to accept things as they are, for Acceptance = Love. Therefore it is better to bless things – all things! – and to choose higher yourself. For blessing gives greater Power: as well as to the one who blesses itself, as to its direct surroundings. From this science I do all my Work. It speaks for itself that I do all this Work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, the whole year round. For my Work is my hobby.


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