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Peace Be With You!



If you do decide to leave Babylon and to peacefully associate with our Community of Peace, you are able to take the three steps written below. These steps are before the decission to participate in our Community of Peace. If you want to participate in our Peace Movement, you will be trained up in our World University of Peace to be a baptized Parttaker of our Peace Movement.

The three steps to take:

The first step is of most importance: it will take you to the local authorities of the Spiritual District where you are living. The most efficient way to do that is to go there personally or by registered letter via surface mail. For you have to be shure that your letter arrived there. Therefore: always ask for a receipt!!! For this is most important: be shure that you are able to prove that your letter arrived there.

You are about to move from the country where you are living in to Mahābhārata, Spiritual District of ..., Vaikuṇṭhaloka. Therefore firstly it is important to claim your name by asking for secrecy of your personal details that your local authorities made public. In the same writing you should notify your local authorities of your Movement to Mahābhārata. So it is a change of address without removal. To assist you in doing so, we shall provide you a model of a letter by e-mail that you are able to make personal. We published an exemple as Claim & Move underneath. You have to do that, because the most important fact is that you show your local authorities and with that the State you are living in, that you have chosen for God and his IN-struction to leave Babylon. Beside that in Mahābhārata, Vaikuṇṭhaloka, there is no need to pay any tax at all for all that is, are Krishna's or God's energies. So Krishna himself is providing. Therefore in Mahābhārata everything is free! It is only that we live together with other people in their different countries that we need to pay for things. So: in fact we pay for illusions! As you will know: illusions can sometimes be very expensive!

Make a copy of your letter to your local authorities for your own administration. After that you delivered or sent your letter to your local authorities, you send a copy to the Webmaster of this site by e-mail, so that we know that you now are resident of our Worldwide Nation: Mahābhārata. By doing so, you completed step one.

The second step is that you fill in one model of the two exemple forms listed below that we provide you by e-mail, so that you are able to make it personal. Print and sign it with your Autograph. In that way authorities of the Spiritual Districts are able to identify you whenever they think that is necessary.

Flag of our Community of Peace

The third step is that you show all people, including the servants of the State where you lived in, that you are now living in Mahābhārata in peaceful association with our Peace Movement by flying our flag. In this way you are showing everyone that the area where you are living belongs to God, and is situated in our Worldwide Nation: Mahābhārata, Vaikuṇṭhaloka. For our flag is also the flag of Mahābhārata.

The flag of our Peace Movement costs Euro 39, excl. 21 % BTW and the cost of shipping the flag, and can be bought from:

Maria Kramer Business Cards

Keulenaar 13


Spiritual District of Holland

Tel.: (+31)343 - 577709


In a pure juridical sense governments of nations that we are calling: Spiritual Districts, cannot harrass us, because we only use our rights which are stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that was reconfirmed by the “Millennium Declaration”, A/RES/55/2, of the United Nations which was adopted unanimously. Therefore it is your right to leave Babylon and to peacefully associate with our Peace Movement!

Now it is your turn to write your needed letter and to choose between the two models we present you. Model one is a short version of our Universal Travel and Identification Document: you can choose this one when you only have to do shopping businesses. If you have got deeper business contacts in social life, we advise you to choose our model that includes statutes which cover the conditions of how you are taking part in social life. We provided you these conditions according to the Constitution of Mahābhārata. Because you have the power to amend your articles of Association, we advise you to change them after you did contact the Webmaster of this site.

We hope that we clearly informed you, but in the case that you have any questions or are in doubt what to do, what to choose or whatever, contact the Webmaster! (All used e-mail boxes of the Webmaster are situated on an external hard drive.)


Model letter: Claim & Move;

Cover for both underneath published models: Cover


Model UTIDStatutes: Model with statutes;

Important note when you choose our model with statutes: in the articles of Association you fill in your © copyrighted name once: in question 1.3. In the rest of this form you have to fill in your function; her or his; she or he, in order to make it personal.

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