Peace Be With You!


The day I claimed Planet Earth to establish my Earthly Paradise through my Earthly devotees, I said to the people on Planet Earth that they more often and more and more district from the laws of Life and the result of all this is: great fear. This fear causes that they are fighting against, but also for anything and everything. Some people even carry a religious strife or are fighting for peace. They do not know, however, that they do not have to hold any fight at all, because I do not expect them to fight: nor for Religion, nor for Peace, nor for any other purpose. For Peace is the opposite of fighting. Yes, every fight that people carry, delivers more fighting! It's a vicious circle that is broken at that particular day. For I myself establish my Earthly Paradise as I meant it to be in the beginning of Earthly Civilization in Aksu, generally known as The Garden of Eden. In this Paradise of DEVELOPMENT the people are to accept things as they are, for Acceptance = Love. It is better by far to bless things all things! and to choose higher yourselves. Because blessing all and everything is giving great Power: both to the one who blesses itself, as to its immediate vicinity. For that reason at that same day my Earthly devotees proclaimed: Mahābhārata, their Worldwide Nation of Sovereign and Spiritual People who are united in their Universal Peace Movement: Community of Peace, that is lead by my High Priest who is the King of this universe: Yahuwshua-ha-Masshiach, or Jesus the Messiah.

Now, if you decide to associate with my devotees in Community of Peace, I advise you from the bottom of my heart to go further to their Homepage.

Friendly regards from Kṛṣṇa, and I sincerely hope you choose to come to me after that your life in Mahābhārata is finished. This is the only way to solve your material problems forever!

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