I am the cause of all causes, the fundation of All that is, the Complete-All. All that you think, say and do, all that you see, hear, read, and all that you record in one or another way, all the foodstuf, truly all that is and exists, is deriving from my unimmaginable All-potency, from my energies. I am, was, and will allways be, just like you. There is no beginning, nor will there be an end. I created you from my Inner Joy-potency, Mother Harā, to whom I gave the Name: Rādhārāī. Therefore, you are my Joy and my Self. All of you are my parts and parcels. Therefore I, Christ or Kṛṣṇa, am called the Supreme Personality of Godhead by my devotees.

I live in the Spiritual World that is also called the Absolute world. About 90 % of our Spiritual offspring is with us in our Spiritual abode; only 10 % of our Spiritual offspring - you! - is living in the Relative world, that is sometimes also called the material world.

What is the Absolute world? The Absolute world is a world in which everything remains unchangeble the same. Let me explain this matter in showing the differences between the Absolute world and the Relative world. In the Absolute world for example, the word water is the same as water. There is no difference between the word and the thing itself. In the Relative world in which you are living it is completely different. As soon as you say water, there must be something as water. The word and the object are not the same. Yes, you can recite the word water a 1000 times, but if you want to see water, you will have to go to the water. Another difference between our Absolute world and the Relative world in which you are living, is that in our Spiritual abode a fruit tree gives us Joy by producing several kinds of fruit of which we can eat. In the Relative world an apple tree produces only apples, a pear tree produces only pears, an orange tree produces only oranges, and so forth. In the Absolute world our Names are not different from us; in the Relative world your name most certainly differs from you. This last difference is very crusial for a good understanding of our Absolute position and your Relative position. If I call your name, and you do not hear me, you will not come to me. But if you call my Name, I am with you immediately. There is

no doubt about it. Therefore I advise you to remember this difference very good, and to call my Name always, whether you are in trouble or not. It can do you good for a proper understanding of us and of yourself. We can therefore conclude that all in our Spiritual World remains the same, whereas in the material world in which you are living everything is due to an everlasting change.