If you realise this yourself, it means that in our Absolute abode we and our Spiritual offspring alike remain unchangeble the same: no one of us gets older and everyone of us serves one another as equal. In my abode, nobody knows that I, Christ or Kṛṣṇa, am God. That is not necessary because here everyone serves one another in full Love. Here, all forms of living beings are: sac-cid-ananda; eternal, full of knowledge and Joy.

So, in the Relative world it is different. You take birth in a material body and experience disease, old age and death. These are the four imperfections that cause suffering to you. These imperfections do not exist in our Absolute world. As the Relative world is a quarter portion of our Spiritual World, your Self is also sac-cid-ananda: you are part of our Spiritual offspring. Therefore only your body is subject of constant change: it changes from baby into young child, from young child into teener, from teener into young man or young woman, then into man or woman, and at last it changes into old man or old woman. What you are calling the growing and the shrinking of your body, is merely the changing of your body. If your body is of no use to you anymore, you will leave it to go on to another womb. Therefore dying means to rest for a certain period in the womb of another mother in which your next body is developping. So, in this body you are preparing your next body, given to you according to the Laws of nature. This proces is called the transmigration of the soul or of your own Self.

Therefore the conclusion is, that you are not your body, but a Spirit soul, my part and parcel.